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Photography Lesson at The Falls of Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls  is a beautiful place all year long as I've seen first-hand on my trips out there these past years, but the city really sparkles and the parks become just magical places after the first snow falls of the fall/winter season... 
Come along as we explore a bit of fun photography here at The Falls of Sioux Falls, South Dakota...

I really brought up the greens and yellows, pinks and orange a bit and lessened
the blacks to make the writing legible when on screen.  This had been a very
dark photograph originally and in Lightroom I was able to bring up the exposure.

My family  went out and braved the crisp 30 degree weather for a quick morning hike on my husband's last day there to enjoy the beauty of the year's first snowfalls and to shoot a little photography...

Later in the evening, my son Peter and I did a little editing on photos we had taken as you can see here.
On the left is my photograph just lightly edited to warm up the blue sky and the greens of the trees.
I believe I added just a touch more red to brown up the bridge a little. 

Peter's photo editing is the photograph on the right and he went in and toned down the whites and highlights and really increased the blue saturation ~ I love how dynamic his photograph is!  By doing so he was able to bring out individual clouds in the sky which was quite cloudy that morning since the snow storm had just blown by.

All editing by both myself and Peter was done using
Adobe Lightroom by the way.

I am not sponsored by Adobe for this in any way but I do like this program very much and all thoughts are my own.  For the full Adobe suite it costs about $400 per year for online updates and includes Lightroom and Photoshop programs.

Here I brought in a lot of blues and left everything else as it was.
I like how dark and moody this shot of the bridge turned out!

In the afternoon just my son and I went to the The Falls to capture the beauty of the fall's rushing water and other scenes around the park.  We talked shutter speed and aperature a bit then Peter took over shooting the water cascading down the pinkish Proterozoic quartzite.

If you haven't played around with your camera much you'll want to try this with your camera on a tripod.

These two shots are almost identical but Peter was working on blurring the water ~ luckily some obliging rocks acted as a tripod so he could turn on the camera's timer and let the aperature (eye's iris) stay open longer.
Keep your shutter speed at 100 which makes your images nice and crisp. 
This created the top photo's "running water" effect.  The photograph below just "stops" the water ~ good but less dynamic.

Playing with the coloring effects ~ increasing or decreasing magenta, blues and greens really changes how a finished photograph looks as you can also see between these two photographs.
The bottom pic shows the colors more as they really are ~ because of the cloudy day the rocks were looking bleached out.
Sioux falls' rocks really are this pinkish color!

Full running water effect ~ makes for a powerful photograph.  Photographs by Peter E. Chapman
Chapman Wedding

One last look at the falls at Sioux Falls ~ stunning!

The photographer and his dad.
(think "heart")

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  1. Barb, glad you had such a great trip! Sounds like you and your son enjoy the same hobby. :)

    1. We do! He's far better at it all than I am though. ;) It was a great trip, thank you. <3

  2. Barb, so nice you and your son can share photography together. I enjoyed your tips.
    I haven't been in that area. The rock colors are interesting.

    1. Hi Bonnie! Thank you. We do! His major in school was Broadcasting and Journalism and he puts his videography to work everyday. :) Sioux Falls is a nice mix of older Victorian homes, and it's a college town with new development especially in the downtown area. Fun, hip place but still quiet enough that it's a good kept secret! Good restaurants, nice museums and the city is beautiful in the fall!!! Those rocks are really cool. Happy you stopped by! :)

  3. Barbara thank you for that photography lesson. I have to say my favorite is the one your son took of the waterfalls and that running water effect. Glad to see you enjoyed yourselves in Sioux.

    1. Hello Mary! Thank you, I love that one of the running water effect, too. I'm glad he taught me that trick! It's amazing what the camera lens can do if we just play around with the settings. Hope your fall is beautiful up there in NY!!! :)


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