Friday, October 26, 2018

Winter Photography Fun in the Fall... More From South Dakota

How much  is that doggie in the window?  So sings the song and it was especially apropos on this early fall snow day at our son and daughter-in-love's home.  
Our trip to South Dakota just a short time ago was plumb packed with apple picking, 
Mall of America shopping and lots of photographic moments like this one.

Come along as we enjoy a little fall snow fun!...

Snow is  enchanting when there is just a dusting of it on the ground ~ it is a bit magical with each tiny snowflake sparkling as the sun peaks through the clouds and sets it aglow.
Our son and daughter-in-law's dogs were excited to go out and play in the snow as was I.

 Snow is also fun to enjoy from a dog's point of view.

Luna ~ part Siberian Husky, collie and sheltie, if I remember right.  She has the long nose and a collie's face with those pale blue husky's eyes!  Striking!!!

Part of what I wanted to accomplish while I was visiting was to try and capture Luna and Bandit's expressions.

Bandit ~ like his name, he is hard to photograph.  A bit shy and very quick, I had to focus on his body where I thought his face would be later and click-click to get him to turn.  Love this of him!

I started taking pictures the first morning after we arrived.

This photo of Luna I had to sharpen ~ she moved ever so slightly as the shutter clicked.  Also added a bit of blue to her eyes, backed off the whites and highlights.  Decreased the blacks.  :)

The lead photograph for this post says it all.
Luna and Bandit are best friends; attached
at the hip.
Where one goes so does the other.

Happy with these pics I then went on to shoot pics
of the October snow day outside.
According to the weatherman this day and snowfall tie the record for the earliest day since recorded snow in Sioux Falls history.

This was just a study of leaves and eaves.
Ha ha, pun not intended.

I love how the snow highlights the rolled up
garden hose...

Pristine snow and leaden skies with just a
hint of blue...

The doormat says it all...

A neighbor's cute entryway.

How much  is that doggie in our homes' windows
waiting patiently for us to return each day ~ our best sparkling home decor ever??


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Sweet doggie dreams,


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, we sure have a soft spot for our pups... <3 Thank you for your lovely coments!

  2. Our doxies are brother and sister and completely attached at the hip too. One smells something the other does.

    Love the expression on their face and gorgeous eyes.

    Wow snow does seem a bit early. Perfect snow that hasn't been touched is perfect.

    This song is stuck in my head while typing this, he he


    1. Too funny! Sorry about the song being stuck in your head now, Lol!! ;) That's sweet that your dachshunds are so close, too. Thanks for your sweet comments, Cindy! <3


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