Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Winter Gardening Plus Tips

Winter gardening is sometimes tough in that as a gardener one can't really get outside and do much in many parts of the country. This winter has been fairly mild as winters go in North Texas, so...

I have been outside quite a bit ~ tidying up here and there after the ice melts and cleaning the yard plus feeding our feathered friends.  Let's go check out our little yard and see what's up! :)

One sweet bright red Cardinal and a sparrow friend.  Their mates are around but just didn't get in the photograph this time.

Here is one of our feathered friends now ~ we have several pairs of cardinals visit our scattered birdseed and eat out of the angel feeder each winter and into late spring since we have moved to Texas.

With our coming house, I do hope there will still be cardinals visiting down in Denton but they are field birds... so we will have to wait and see. 

I found this sweet juniper ball around Thanksgiving at our local Calloway's Nursery and brought it home to replace some of the annuals which had succumbed to last summer's heat.

The tiny narcissus I found at Walmart, I think. They are so sweet and really brighten up the wintertime garden, don't you think?  Such a happy flower!

Shot through the door screen.

I have been talking about digging up a few daffodils or gladiolus for two years outfront of a friend's place. So finally I did!

Sorry to be so vague about these tubers ~ what type they are ~ but it's because I don't have a photo of them blooming over the past two years, but I did remember that I wanted to help thin them out and to pot some up.  :)

Some winter gardening tips

Since temps will still get below freezing just be sure to wrap up tender plants or move them inside. The lead photo shows the two plants I keep bringing indoors at night when I know it will get below 32 degrees.

I actually started doing this because I wanted to see if the little pinks would re-bloom from last spring ~ and they have!

Another tip: get some gardening cloth at your garden center to wrap big groups of pots. That's what I do with this cluster of pots out front of our Prairie Home.

Yoda has enjoyed this winter sitting outside and he is interested in being with me when I am outdoors. He loves checking out what I am doing ~ he's quite interested in whatever I am doing, really. And he loves just sitting outside and enjoying the warm sunshine!

Here you can see more of these gladiolus, I believe. There were two types, one white and the other yellow, and I tried to separate the two.  It'll be fun to see what blooms where!  

The roses are already putting out tiny branch buds with this mild winter.  The one on the left replaces the one David Austin rose which died also last summer. :(
I am happy that this one is doing well so far.

Our winter is running along the lines of a Southern California winter this year, of which I am really happy! I love being out in the garden playing in the dirt and repotting plants.  It was a favorite thing for me back in Murrieta and it is nice to have a bit of this here in North Texas.  Oh, our new house will be in a slightly warmer area just south of here ~ less of the direct influence of midwest cold winds ~ so I'll try planting hydrangeas again and see how they do.

One lady here at the park has a camellia and it is blooming fiercely!  Will try to get a photo for you and put up on Instagram.  :)

Just a couple of last photos for today...

An incredible sunset last week...

And it is early for these guys ~ Scottish thistles ~ but they were on my camera card and I thought you'd like to see them. They will be out blooming late March or April.

Gorgeous puffy blooms which always look so soft but aren't at all. Prickles for days!

There's Mr. Cardinal's again and some other
feathered friends...
;) {chirp!}

Happy gardening,


  1. Love the thistles. Never saw them naturally outdoors. Cute visiting cardinals.

    Our pups are interested in everything I do too. Wouldn't change it for the world

    1. Hello Cindy, I wouldn't change their following us around, either. Love my pup as you love yours. <3

      Thanks for your sweet comments,
      Barb :)

  2. Love your photos! I am not a gardener at all, but do wish that some of the things that grow in north Texas would grow down here, but they won't. We can't get an azalea to live for anything, or gardenia bushes. Our soil is much different from where you guys are living, so we don't have as many choices. Containers are great for some smaller plants, but we travel so much in the spring and summer, that it is easier for me to have things in the ground so the sprinkler system can water them while we are away! Hope you are having a great week! Hugs!

    1. Hi Benita! Thank you for your lovely comments. I do enjoy gardening when the weather cooperates like it has this past week. I am finding that Texas is hard to garden... More mites, more bugs, more humidity means rust, spores ~ the roses hate it in summer, ugh! They are soldiering on, though. I need to spray them this week after the rains. ;)

      I hear you about getting plants in the ground. I think our Texas home's garden will have a lot more perennial bushes and maybe some cypress trees for structure. Here's hoping that the roses like their new home!

      Hugs and happy travels,
      Barb :)

  3. Barbara when I lived in Greece, every year without fail, the narcissus would grow around January February to brighten up an otherwise dreary landscape. Seeing them bought back so many fond memories of me running around in the farm to cut off as many as I could to bring home. And then the house would be overpowered by their sweet aroma. Thanks for taking me down memory lane!

  4. Thanks for the great tips, I can't wait to get outside and start gardening again!

  5. I also have a garden at home and it is really tough to do gardening during winter, as the snow lays for 3 months. So, I decided to plant only those plants which can overlive winter every year.


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