Tuesday, February 26, 2019

A Look Back, Scheduling Movers + Looking Forward...

A look back  at our last home in California and the furnishing which will be making the journey in the upcoming weeks to our new home here in Texas!

I have been talking with moving companies for a week now getting quotes and sending inventories back and forth. Whew! It's a tough nut to navigate and I still want to drive out to bring back some of the really fragile things but now I am rethinking carrying a few of the mirrors back with me...

Maybe it is better that the movers crate them...
What do you think?...

A heavy mirror I shipped back on Virgin Atlantic from England in 2005.

I'll be leaving later this week driving cross-country and actually my Sequoia is in for servicing yesterday and today. The brakes needed some special master cyclinder-type thing as it is failing. Glad this is getting done even though 2 bills are being spent...

Don't want to be involved in a major crash because of brake failure!

Have you ever shipped long-distance and how did your mirrors, prints and family portraits survive the move? Did the movers crate them? How about your furniture ~ how did your case goods hold up?

Thank you for your thoughts! :) I am worried and I know I can't do anything about them, plus they are just things as people say. When I moved with my parents some jewelry was swiped on two occasions and we lost a box of Christmas things, mainly my baby stocking and velvet stockings I made for Charles and myself when we were first married. 

I need to remake those... ;) 
Maybe this fall... 

My big birthday present from 4 years ago ~ a 4'w x 5' tall pier mirror.

We will have a quote later today from a carrier I regard as trusted ~ hope it is a good one and something we can afford. We will probably go with this moving company as they can schedule a pick up around March 6th, just when I'd like to the packing and loading done. The estimate is for 16,000 lbs. 

Here is the pier mirror as I found it in the consignment shop in Citrus Heights, California.

And another gesso mirror I found in Murrieta at another consignment-antique shop several years earlier.

Here's a link to the story I wrote about finding the pier mirror and one very similar to this dresser mirror above.

So excited to share all these lovelies with you in their new home in the upcoming year...

Have a great week!

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Hugs and blessings to you,


  1. We never moved to another state so can't help with this information. Hopefully someone is able to offer advice.

    Be careful making the trip and it's exciting to start a new chapter. Looking forward to seeing your new home.


    1. Thank you, Cindy! The move went well and we are in our new home. Slowly getting everything put away ~ seems there are pile EVERYWHERE! LOL!!!

      Thank you again for your lovely thoughts,
      Barb :)

  2. Barb, you have a lot of gorgeous mirrors! I have never moved far enough to use a moving company, so I am no help. Best of luck and enjoy your new home!

    1. Hi Jann! Thank you, the move went very well. It has been a crazy busy March and non-stop other than a nap here and there but we are settling in. My mother-in-law was out and was a terrific help!

      Happy to be in although I will miss our trailer Prairie Home,
      Barb :)

  3. I can't wait. I drove all our pictures when we moved. I hope the move has been without incident. I can't wait to see more of your new house. Congratulations.

    1. So far only a tiny crushed corner on a filing cabinet and a candleholder from Pottery Barn which I dropped here in the kitchen. My fault as I didn't see three stacked and thought there was only two. C'est la vie! ;) The mirrors made it great in the back of the Sequoia and the big pier mirror made it packed carefully in the moving van (too tall to stand up in the car).

      Happily arranging everything and beginning to figure out where to hang everything.

      Thanks again,
      Barb :)

  4. Hi Barbara, I am meeting you through Katie and see that (at the present time) we may not live too far apart. If you live by where you shop in Citrus Heights we are not that far apart. I live in Grass Valley. Your mirrors are really beautiful and it must be a worry to ship them but most companies are realiable. I don't think they could afford to be otherwise. I am now following you and look forward to reading about your move to Texas..Happy Moving..Judy

    1. Oh, hi Judy! Well, years ago I lived in Citrus Heights ~ right off Sunrise and Greenback Ln. (?). I worked at Swensen's Ice Cream Factory. Do you remember that store from the early 1980's?? I'm so glad you found me! I'll follow you back. :)

      My inlaws live in Ranch Cordova and I actually went to Ponderosa HS in Shingle Springs. Small world! We just moved from Murrieta, in So Cal to Texas. Well... technically it was 2 years ago now, but our household goods were in storage all this time! We had to sell our house in 2015 after my husband was out of work. It was a God thing and it all did work out! <3

      Happy to have you as a friend, Judy,
      Barb :)

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Barb :)

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