Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Spot of Tea Alfresco

Happy Valentine's Day to you!  Today I thought I'd share our newest acquisition in a special tea party set alfresco in my little Prairie Home garden!...

In my last post  I shared how I found this beautiful oak and walnut tea table/library table on Craigslist. I was just browsing our local Craigslist looking at possible furniture pieces which would be smaller than some of our case goods in storage. For the new home of course. ;)

Well, I sent a text to Mr. Ethereal at work and asked him what he thought. He was okay with the purchase if I paid cash.

Picking up this French Provincial table in the steady rain.

We have been working the Dave Ramsey plan and paying cash for everything over the past year, plus paying down old debt beginning with the lowest balance first, then snowballing payments into the next credit card/debt to pay them off.

A very good program btw if you are looking to get out of debt in an orderly fashion but not leave yourself strapped for cash every month, like some debt repayment plans will do to you. Trust me on this one!

I am inlove with this table! Love the carved details and the
shell atop the middle of the bottom stretcher... delicious!

So on Sunday I pulled money out of savings but with the weather so crazy windy that day and Siri taking me to a different teller location, I called and spoke with the seller and we rescheduled for Monday.

This little table made the trip home with me!

After our morning Bible study at friend Peggy's home in Denton on Tuesday, I came back home and lifted this beauty out of our SUV and set her on our pallet porch. If you didn't know it was a pallet the wood almost looks like hardwood flooring... 

I am totally in-love with this French style table and I am excited to share this first tea on it with you! I've used the little Valentine's checked napkins and set the table with the J. Broadhurst teapot and sugar bowl and various teacups and little vintage plates.

I had baked and frozen some muffins a couple of weeks ago so it was easy peasy to pull a few out and they thawed beautifully while I snapped away...

I didn't think to borrow the sugar bowl's lid until after I was mostly done shooting pics, so... The teapot is naked in most of my photos. Oh, well! 

Keep calm and soldier on... ;)

Still love our angel with these garden roses and low
boxwood hedge in the background.

Just because... From last year and from California. ;)

Eventually I did sit down and really have some tea and polish off one of those banana chocolate chip muffins. I posted my view from the bench in highlights on Instagram.  :)

Tea time was wonderful!

This time of year is especially nice to be outdoors as there are no bugs to bother, the breezes are light and the sun is warm without burning... This was my day
al fresco; I need to do this more often. We all should, weather permitting. ;)

Mr. Yoda kept me company and would sit under the bench or move out to the grass to watch for passersby. He has enjoyed being here at Wagon Master RV Park and Alpaca Farm and has really learned to love visiting people and has one good dog friend, Rusty.

Evening as the sun was going down...
Through the looking glass... i.e. our trailer's little window.

This has been a good home... We close on our new Texas house tomorrow and will officially be handed the keys in two weeks. March will be crazy busy going to California to pick up our household goods but things will settle down after that.

Let the March madness begin!

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Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Adorable tablescape and really adorable table!!!I enjoyed your Tea Time so much!Gorgeous flowers too...Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. Hola Maristela! Happy Valentine's {belated} to you, too!!! Thank you so much ~ I think we will really enjoy this table. Very happy I found it!

      Barb :)

  2. Hello Barbara! What a beautiful way to enjoy tea, your new to you table is darling! Congrats on paying off your debt!! Moving into your new home sounds very exciting too! Blessings :)

    1. Hello Marilyn, thank you so much for your kind words. We are working hard to pay everything off and will continue working through what's left. Thank you, too, as we are excited to be moving in soon.

      Barb :)

  3. your new table is so lovely -- and a wonderful tea table. I agree about paying cash -- makes you really thing about what you want!

    1. Very true, Jeanie! I did sit and think about the table for a couple of days before calling on it. I thought, well if it goes to someone else then it wasn't meant to be.

      Happy belated Valentine's to you,
      Barb :)

  4. What a beautiful table and such a wonderful place to enjoy your tea!

  5. Very lovely place for tea. It looks very restful.

  6. Such a lovely spot to have a cup of tea Barbara. And with Mr. Yoda by your side I think you are all set. I wish I was there with you since we have 22 degrees here in NY today.

  7. That table is beautiful, what a great find!


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