Thursday, February 7, 2019

Tablescape Thursday ~ A Quiet Valentine's Table for Two

Valentine's Day is my second favorite holiday of all the unofficial holidays every year and this year I want to make it special for Mr. Ethereal since he works very hard to take care of us, plus it'll be
our last in our little Prairie Home...

Yesterday  I shared a post on making these sweet Valentine's Day table linens and you may wish to check out that post here

Today though is all about a soft ethereal Valentine's tablescape for two.

Mr. Ethereal usually works late during the week and is gone many weekends during the year on business so it will be especially nice to share this tablesetting and a nice dinner with him.

Valentine's this year will be on a Thursday evening and he isn't traveling as much lately so he should be home in time for dinner.  Yeah! 

We have one extra special thing to celebrate this year:
we sign final documents on our new Texas home on February 15, the next morning sometime, and the keys to our new home will be handed over just
two weeks later.

Can I hear another "Yeah?!!!"

June Bouquet cup by Duchess pottery, England paired
with a Meritage ruffle-edged saucer.

This table styling began with the fabrics I found at Joann Fabrics. I ordered this all-over heart fabric and the companion checked fabric online and then went and picked them up at the store so I could make them the next day after a good washing.

After making the tablecloth and six napkins set I laid a simple table with just a couple of stacked plates: my favorite J. Broadhurst pinkish-red vintage ironstone plates as chargers and topping those with vintage Victoria rose-patterned plates from Austria.

Tea and coffee with dessert after a nice meal is always welcome so I set out some mismatched cups and saucers ~ this one is Stechcol Gracie by Coastline Imports, China, with its matching soft blush saucer.

I found it at HomeGoods a couple of years ago.  It is one of my favorite teacups as I love its realistic roses.

I added some silver edged stemware ~ also found at HomeGoods last year sometime. This repeats the silver in my vintage 1847 Rogers Bros. Remembrance silverplate flatware.

A little gold and silver mix with how I set up the window...

I set out a nice vignette in the window with dried pink grocery store roses set on another vintage plate by Theodore Haviland Limoges. The chafing dish is a recent thrift store purchase and you can read about that here.

The picture frame is getting a lot of use this winter and had changed up its look several times and will probably have a few more reincarnations as we move into our Texas home. ;)

I will probably bake something yummy from our many chicken recipes for dinner on Valentine's Day.

And we may uncork one of our wine bottles which are just waiting for a nice occasion...

Until then the Valentine's linens will stay on the table and wait for the Big Day.
{think big heart}

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Happy Tablescape Thursday!


  1. Hi, Barb! Thank you for visiting me so I could discover the loveliness on your blog with a name that is music to my ears. Congratulations on your upcoming move, and clearly we love so many of the same things. I loved Neverland! Peace to you this morning from the magical crystal iced woods where I'm typing these words. I can hardly believe what I'm seeing out the windows, and I wish I could capture the beauty forever! xox

    1. Hi Michele! I am so glad you stopped over!!! We had an ice storm here in North Texas last winter and it was magical even with the driving dangers... I went out and photographed in the 8 degree temps, I think it was. If you'd like to read that post, I'll link it here. The photos turned out pretty cool, no pun intended. Glad you enjoyed Finding Neverland. I can't wait to watch it again when we get all our DVDs/Blu-Rays out of storage in California!

      Keep warm and enjoy the pretty,

  2. It's charming, Barb. Just lovely. And just think -- NEXT Valentine's Day you will be in your new home. What joy!

    1. That's it, Jeanie! I am excited as we actually sign docs on Feb. 15th with the move-in about Feb. 28th. We are ready! Thanks again. <3

      Barb :)

  3. Looks lovely Barb! I envy your skill with sewing! Cath

    1. Hi Cath! Thank you!! I am actually working on an e-book for everyone about basic to advanced sewing. Something to go with signing up! :) Now to figure out how to send out emails... Always a learning process. ;)

      Have a great weekend,
      Barb :)

    2. Say, Cath, what is the full http:// or https:// of your blog so I can find you? I tried looking up Running on Empty but I get an old blogspot that isn't really running. No pun intended!

      Barb :)

  4. Such a sweet table for two. I hope you had a wonderful evening with your hubby! Thanks for sharing on Homestyle Gathering!


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