Wednesday, March 13, 2019

California Move + Update

March roared in like a lion for me with a whirlwind drive to California as you know to meet our movers, pack everything up, then beat feet back to Texas...

Packing the last things out of our right-hand storage unit.

California Leaving...

Six big guys came with Ron and Kari Hanson, our movers with Oakley Relocation out of San Diego and Riverside Counties. I am really impressed with all of their resourcefulness, professionalism and care with our household goods! I highly recommend Oakley Relocation as Jerilyn and Alex who run the call center were helpful in every aspect of our move. 

BTW, did you know it is cheaper to move in the winter than in the summer? Peak season costs more. 

Turns out my husband is a major pack-rat ~ we have more Ryobi drills and other tool things that were hidden away! And we were over budget by 4500 lbs. at 22,100 lbs. total weight.  It is all getting moved and then Mr. Ethereal can figure out where he wants to place everything and what we need to sell or donate.

The beginnings of the donation pile.

The next day I worked on donations... Here are part of the items we donated plus a lot of furniture went into this Salvation Army pile, too. SA ended up taking all the furniture and some boxes of household goods they knew they could sell. After they pulled out I went and rented a U-Haul and loaded the rest heading to Habitat for Humanity late in the day.

Thankfully even though HFH had just closed (4:30p.m.) they ladies working the donation area that day opened since I was moving out of state the next day. 

One of the fun things about moving (not!) is that anything chemical related and considered as hazardous waste cannot be transported on big moving vans. I tried to drop off things I had no room for in my Sequoia but the location was closed.

Pulling out of a rest stop along the California-Arizona border
somewhere.  The weather was perfect all the way home!

Heading to Texas

The young man who checked in the small U-Haul truck I rented took those things, yeah! He said he needed the motor oil and could use the other things in his apartment and on his car. Two plastic jugs of 10W-30 were in my car already so I was more than happy to give him the other; it feels good to help others.  :)

Saw this trucker bringing home this cutie for a special child.
Isn't this adorable? Love it!!!

Heading back to Texas

I stopped at some nice rest stops along the way and one in Las Cruces, New Mexico just above the city was very nice! And had the most spectacular view from the top of the mountain... I shared a video and photo or two on my Instagram of that rest area.

Photo actually taken by Mr. Ethereal. :)

Mr. Ethereal worked really hard while I was gone moving things out of our trailer, our small 10'x10' Texas storage unit, and then cleaned out the new garage. He staged some of our things plus a shelving unit left by the previous owners here in the garage.

He also moved and put many things away in our spare bedrooms ~ such a sweetheart!

Mr. Ethereal also organized the built in cabinet ~ a new beginning for us!

Tomorrow our household goods will be delivered and then we will be able to take our time putting things away. 

Until then I'll be in and out. We are still in our Prairie Home trailer for a few more days then it will be cleaned and put up for sale.

Riverside County Parks, Lake Skinner and the Tecolota mountain
range ~ four years ago when we began our trailer life adventure.

Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes with our move ~ I do appreciate it!

March onward,


  1. It's such a busy time for you! Your comment about the pack rat reminds me of someone I know. He has a total of 6 hammers. Why does one need 6? LOL

    1. Ha ha, Laura! Yeah... Who needs four Ryobi drills? Go figure! Actually, they were repack that were to be donated and we ended up still having them. Will donate some with Odd Fellows and Rebekah's and others as we get there. ;)

      Happy St. Patrick's Day!
      Barb :)

  2. I don't envy you the task of moving but I know that it will all be worth it in the end!

    1. Thank you, Jeanie. The move went well! Charles and are are tired and so appreciative of my mother-in-law for all of her help around the house. She was terrific helping wash dishes, wash clothing, ironing... all the mundane things but so needed. She also is really strong and helped us move a bunch of bricks and my little bird bath to the car this weekend!

      A pair of nice Texas boots went home with her... <3
      The house is coming together. A short mantel post is coming out tomorrow (3/25). Can't quite share the whole living room yet ~ too many book boxes!

      Barb :)


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